Introducing Gravity’s First Contemplative Activist in Residence

February 28 – April 17, 2014  From February 28-April 17, 2014 Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism welcomes Nikole Lim as our first Contemplative Activist in Residence, a visiting practitioner sabbatical. The CAIR program supports leading, innovative activists who desire a sabbatical for renewal and personal, professional and spiritual development. CAIR is for bold and courageous leaders […]

Introducing Gravity’s 2014 Africa Solidarity Pilgrims

Ritah Buguzi In her local Ugandan language, Ritah Buguzi means “owner of good things.” She’s an active member of Refreshing Assembly Church, a worshipping community within the Pentecostal tradition. Her parents are committed Christians who deeply love their family, and as the first daughter in a family of 8 children, Ritah knows she’s beloved. Currently […]

there are no dead ends, only a clearly defined path

Walking the Labyrinth by Kathy Mansfield    What is the Labyrinth? The labyrinth is not a maze. The labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool—a single path of prayer and meditation leading to a center and returning back. Unlike a maze—there are no dead ends, only a clearly defined path. Labyrinths are thought to enhance right […]

Reflecting Back Looking Forward

We wanted to make the world a better place. Most people do. But those who give themselves to the hard work of fighting for justice, building peace, and bearing witness to hope find themselves in constant conflict. After serving 20 year with an international organization fighting human traffickers, caring for children dying from AIDS, and […]


Silence nurtures transformation by helping us quiet all the voices that threaten to define us, so that we can hear the One voice, so that we can then know that we are loved to such a degree. But without silence we too often numb ourselves, or mask over what’s going on in the heart of […]

Hearing The Voice Of Love

We must connect to and listen to the voice from which we come, the voice that calls us beloved. In opposition to the many other voices that try to define us, this voice grounds us in a love of self that frees us to love others well. Contemplative practices help bring congruence to our inward […]

Cultivating the Contemplative

  Why bother? Why cultivate contemplative spirituality in a demanding world with insatiable needs? To sustain, not just to sustain, but to thrive in difficult vocations of hope we found that we need to nurture a deep spirituality. We’re all interested in making the world a better place. But it’s not easy. Learning to develop contemplative practices […]

Reflecting on Gravity’s One Year

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism. We have much to celebrate—the press and publicity, the sold out retreats, the tens of thousands of people we spoke with at conferences or on campuses or on book tour, and the nearly quarter of a million dollars we raised this past year. […]

Why the Name “Gravity?”

We often get the question, “So why did you choose the name ‘Gravity’?” It’s a great question. One of our teachers, Thomas Keating, O.S.O.C., helps shed light on the concept. Keating, a 90 year old Cistercian monk of the strict observance is one of the leading voices illuminating the relevance of Christian faith in the 21st century. […]

Out of Blame, Into Becoming

by Kevin Harris   For about 20 years, Chris and Phileena Heuertz directed the organization Word Made Flesh. With communities around the world, they seek to serve Jesus among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor. They incarnationaly live among those in difficult situations such as sex slavery, prostitution, and with child soldiers. A commitment […]

The Road Ahead: Connections, Connections

The Road Ahead: Connections, Connections :: by Julian Collette A few months ago, my girlfriend Lisa Washio, co-director of The Pink House in Fresno, California (an InterVarsity Urban Projects program that immerses young adults in a 10-month residential apprenticeship in biblical community, urban ministry, and leadership development) called me from a pub in New Orleans. She was hanging out […]

Rummaging for God: Praying Backwards Through Your Day

“Rummaging for God: Praying Backwards Through Your Day” :: By Dennis Hamm, SJ About 20 years ago, at breakfast and during the few hours that followed, I had a small revelation. This happened while I was living in a small community of five Jesuits, all graduate students in New Haven, Connecticut. I was alone in […]

A “Starter Library” for Contemplative Activists :: The Must-Reads on Contemplative Spirituality for People with Active Lives

Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening by Cynthia Bourgeault (Cowley Publications) The Examen Prayer: Ignatian Wisdom for Our Lives Today by Timothy Gallagher (Crossroads Publishing Company) Spiritual Torrents by Madame Jeanne Guyon Moving in the Spirit: Becoming a Contemplative in Action by Richard J. Hauser (Paulist Press) Pilgrimage of a Soul: Contemplative Spirituality for the Active […]

21st Century Freedom Ride

21st Century Freedom Ride by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism is helping sponsor a 21st Center Freedom Ride. Read more here and sign up to join us here.

A Grounding Place To Root Social Engagement In Contemplative Spirituality

Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism, is a grounding place for people to root their social engagement in a deep, contemplative spirituality in order to do good better. Gravity doesn’t exist simply for social justice activists, but for anyone and everyone who wants to make the world a better place. This is tough work and […]

No More Illusions : Contemplative Activism, A Model for Mission

“No More Illusions :: Contemplative Activism :: A Model for Mission” in Catalyst Groupzine by Phileena + Chris Heuertz ….Activism alone can be a cruel master. Without a contemplative base, the false self tends to drive us; and even our best intentions toward good can be laced with violence—violence that looks very similar to the violence of conflict […]

Live Better. Love Better. Serve Better. …Do Good Better

Though activists and social justice workers live faithfully into compelling vocations of compassion, they are sometimes the grumpiest, crustiest and meanest people out there—often down right unpleasant folks to be around. Many who fight to alleviate poverty are unhappy. Loneliness and sadness are familiar companions in their work for hope. Sometimes the stereotypical “dirty hippie” […]