Brad LomenickChris connects with any audience and provides stories, examples and “thoughts from the front lines” because he’s truly living out what he believes. We’ve had him speak at multiple Catalyst events, and he delivers every time. I highly recommend you consider Chris!”

–Brad Lomenick, Director of Catalyst


Emmanuel KatongoleChris reminds us that what the gospel commands us to do is not so much to do things for the poor, but to become friends, indeed sit at the same table, with the poor. What makes such a duty possible, even delightful, are such gifts as humility, community, simplicity, submission and brokenness.”

–Emmanuel Katongole, Associate Professor of Theology and Peace Studies, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame


Charles LeeChris Heuertz is one of the most thought-provoking communicators of our time. His humble posture towards life and his years of experience in human care offer a unique perspective that is both challenging and inspiring to audiences. Chris embodies hope that makes sense to our generation.”

–Charles Lee, CEO of Ideation & Author of “Good Idea. Now What?”


Grace Samson-Song  “The word “authentic” captures Christopher’s essence. What comes out of his lips is what you’ll expect to see from his life.  He is Compelling, Compassionate, Charismatic and a sold-out Change-Agent. He is definitely someone who leaves a mark on his audience.”

–Grace Samson-Song, Founder-Maximize Communications, Call2all Africa Coordinator, Lausanne Younger Leadership Team Member


Walter Brueggeman“Chris is aware of the enormous challenges we face and of the thickness of anxiety that can undermine faith. In the midst of that, he keeps his head clear, his heart focused and his words accessible.”

Walter Brueggemann, Professor Emeritus, Columbia Theological Seminary


Richard-Rohr “You can only lead others as far as you yourself have gone! Chris Heuertz is teaching from first hand experience.  He has earned the right to speak because he has been there and lived there himself.”

–Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M, Center for Action and Contemplation


Jean Vanier “Chris has a gentle and realistic way of showing that this path which can appear as austere, suffering and insecure is tempered, rendered human and Christian and even enjoyable through meetings of love and of tenderness, which heal us, liberate us, give us strength and new life.”

–Jean Vanier, founder of the communities of L’Arche


Jonathan Merritt “In a world full of counterfeits, Chris Heuertz is the real deal. I’ve traveled with him in three countries and sat spellbound through several of his talks. Chris lives the type of life he promotes–compassionate, sacrificial, transformational–and he inspires all he touches. If you want an authentic and challenging speaker for your event, look no further than Chris Heuertz.

–Jonathan Merritt, author of A Faith of Our Own: Following Jesus Beyond the Culture 


Michah Weedman “Chris has been a keynote speaker at Belmont’s Justice and Missions Week for a few years now, and every year he brings a fresh and potent telling of God’s work in the world.  His credibility goes far beyond long hair and tattoos, beyond book deals and passport stamps; he knows something of God and God’s love for the world, and he knows how to share it.  Our students come away from Chris with enriched and challenged imaginations, motivated to live daily into God’s love for the whole world.  He is a gift we love to share with our community.”

–Micah B. Weedman, Director of Outreach, Associate University Minister, Belmont University


Jamie GatesChris Heuertz captured the imaginations of our students when he spoke about his work with Word Made Flesh at Point Loma Nazarene University.  His passion for making holy friendships with people living on the margins is infectious.  The stories he told stirred those prepared to hear and disturbed those unwilling to listen, but in either case you had to take serious the prophetic nature of the word he brought.  I am thankful for the faithful witness Chris brought to our campus, a witness to the com-passionate God that walks especially close to those who suffer most.”

 –Jamie Gates, M.Div., Ph.D., Director, Center for Justice and Reconciliation, Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Point Loma Nazarene University


Roger ParrottChris can captivate a crowd like few others, making them think, cry, act, and think some more.  He’s not afraid to ask the hard questions, and bring God’s love and gentleness to the world’s deepest hurts and our greatest longings.  Don’t invite him to speak unless you’re ready to be moved out of your comfort zone into God’s grace-filled desire for our lives.”

–Dr. Roger Parrott, President, Belhaven University


Nikole LimHe may look like a hardcore rockstar, but Chris is truly a compassionate servant. His servanthood is evident in his messages on reflections of Jesus’ ministry, God’s heart for justice and the value of friendships across borders. Chris’ passionate fight against injustice and exploitation is contagious—leading others to join in and be advocates for peace and righteousness. Bringing stories of life, light and restoration is at the heart of his mission. Chris speaks words of truth which paradoxically validate his image as a hardcore rockstar and compassionate servant.”

–Nikole Lim, Founder and CEO Freely in Hope


JW Hartgrove “Chris is a voice crying in the wilderness who is also embodying the way of the Lord. His vision has been shaped by reading the gospel with friends who are poor. But his message is essential good news for all of us. He’s telling the truth that’s at the ground of our being.”

–Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Associate Minister St. Johns Baptist Church, Director School of Conversion, Editor New Monastic Library Series


Kelly PopeChris Heuertz is one of the leading voices in the missional conversation.  His experience on the field combined with the way he and Phileena have structured Word Made Flesh shows a commitment to giving a voice to the poorest of the world’s poor.  With an incredibly humble spirit, Chris has introduced us to the idea of contemplative activism through thoughtful discourse and an honest look at what it means to be in true community with each other.  We have been both impressed and challenged by the example of Chris Heuertz’s at our events.”

–Kelly Pope, Young Adult, Camp, and Sports Ministries Director Territorial Youth Department, The Salvation Army, USA East


Stephen Christian“One only needs to meet Chris Heuertz to know all they need to know about how Christians should treat the world, and each other. There is no better person to communicate about the importance of friendship, community and hospitality; not only is he educated on such topics, but his life is living testimony to those character traits.”

–Stephen Christian, cofounder, Faceless International, and singer, Anberlin/Anchor & Braille


Maeven MendozaI’ll never forget the first time I heard Chris speak— I was a wide-eyed 18-year-old college freshman trying to scribble every story and insight he shared in the liner notes of my Bible. Still ferociously taking notes when he speaks seven years later, I’m always amazed at Chris’s ability to communicate so poignantly and challenge popular messages so thoughtfully. It was Chris’s stories of serving the world’s poor and marginalized that inspired me to consider a life of vocational service, and it’s his messages today that continue to help me develop my philosophy of ministry.”

–Maeven Mendoza, Nashville Coordinator with Christian Women’s Job Core of Middle Tennessee


Jeff James “Having know Chris from his earliest tattoos, I’ve seen his life trajectory—searching out the authentic Jesus. If nominal Christianity is your goal, you will hate Chris Heuertz as a speaker…do not invite him. He will not promote your denomination, he will not make you feel good about your comfort, he will not endorse the gospel of monetary abundance as a sign of God’s blessing. If you care to sift your own paradigms, he will help. What have you got to lose?”

–Jeffrey W. James, President-The Marturos Fund, Former Executive Director & Visioneer-Ichthus Ministries, Inc.

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