Enlightening Retreat


“Awakening to Reconciling Gravity and Levity”

with renowned somatic based Enneagram teacher

Marion Gilbert

July 17-19, 2020

Schuyler, Nebraska



The invitation to be together and explore our humanness and our divine essence is a sacred one. During this very special retreat weekend,  we will use the map of the Enneagram to discover how our personality structure is calling us inward to become curious about, seek contact with and begin to understand, who is inside having all these experiences. We will center our time around the questions:

  • “How does our horizontal: hunter/gatherer reality intersect with the vertical: spiritual reality?”
  • “What is it that allows us to access and reconcile the split between these two often disparate realities?”
  • “How do we take our spiritual experiences into our daily lives and learn how to relax reactivity at the root of the arising?” 

Please note: This retreat will be most beneficial if you have a basic understanding of the Enneagram and a relative grasp on which type you most identify with. If your personal type is unclear, Marion will do her best to help you uncover it.


Marion Gilbert, R.P.T., has been practicing physical therapy for 42 years and is the owner of a well-established physical therapy practice and movement studio in Grass Valley, CA. She has extensive training in CranioSacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release and Trauma Resolution. Marion has been actively using the Enneagram professionally and personally for the past 17 years. She emphasizes understanding the role of the somatic lens of perception in facilitation of personal and spiritual transformation in the Enneagram. Her specific interest is in developing somatic awareness for reconciling three-centered awareness in relationship to contemplation and awakening. Marion developed the Somatic Enneagram Certification Training and is teaching locally and internationally. She is an Adjunct Faculty member of The Narrative Enneagram and an Advisory Board member of the Enneagram Prison Project.

To learn more about Marion, please visit her website at mariongilbert.com.

Arrival and Departure Information

The retreat begins Friday with dinner at 6:15pm followed by an opening session. Please click here to see our retreat schedule.

The Benedictine Retreat Center in Schuyler, NE is about an hour and a half drive from Omaha. If you are flying in/out of Omaha, you’ll need to schedule your arrival by 3:00pm on Friday and departure for after 3:00pm on Sunday. Retreatants are invited to enjoy a reception at Chris and Phileena Heuertz home Sunday afternoon before you return to your home.

Many retreatants coming in from out of town rent a car. A couple weeks out, we will be in touch regarding transportation options for those who may need a ride. If you are driving and are willing to help carpool, please let us know.

We look forward to sharing sacred space with you.

Enlightening retreats are for people who are committed to contemplative activism and long for more teaching to nourish their soul.

Retreatants gather for a combination of lecture, group reflection and contemplative practice.

Enlightening retreats expand consciousness and invigorate participants to continue a life of contemplative activism.