Staff and Volunteers

Operations Manager

Mariah Houston is an Omaha native and recent graduate from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She graduated with her Bachelors of Arts and Sciences in Sociology with double minors in Criminology and Psychology. Throughout her undergrad years, she was involved in many organizations such as; Nebraska Appleseed, W.E.B. DuBois Honors society, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. In addition, she has also received many awards throughout her undergraduate career such as the Luminary Award, which is given annually to a select number of undergraduate students who show exceptional leadership and commitment to improving the community. 

In this upcoming year she plans to go to law school to pursue her dream of becoming an immigration and civil rights attorney. She has a drive to pursue these areas of law as she hopes to be one of the influential people to make the change that is needed in this world. One of her favorite quotes that inspires her says, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.” ~ Mary Engelbreit 


Communications & Marketing Intern

Victoria RosalesVictoria Rosales is a Holistic Narrative Therapist and Natural Health Consultant who is passionate about the healing power of Story. She believes an accurate and honest telling of our story is necessary to the understanding and acceptance of truth, and that truth, once known, lends way to healing, liberation and redemption.

As a therapist she empowers clients to re-author their stories in ways more conducive to personal well-being. In giving clients a safe space to talk about difficult experiences which they may have avoided in the past, Victoria provides opportunities for making sense of those difficult experiences and integrating them into their evolving sense of self, allowing for transformation that sustains and supports us as we grow.

As a consultant, Victoria partners with organizations across the globe through contemplative activism, incorporating her understanding of the necessity of contemplative postures for individual and communal health and wellness goals. She leads Meditation Retreats, Creativity Workshops and offers Vision Casting & Dream Actualization support in an effort to invite individuals and communities to a life of health and wholeness. She believes in a safe setting fostered by creativity, honesty and integrity so the human spirit can thrive and awaken to its true nature: one of wholeness, fortitude and purpose.

Though her work often takes her abroad, Victoria is proud to call Grand Rapids, Michigan home.

Victoria is a creative, a storyteller, a sister and an advocate of individuality. She actively seeks to live life openly and honestly, to communicate creatively and genuinely, to listen compassionately, to move intentionally, to love earnestly and to live fully.

Angela GrinerResearch Analyst for Special Initiatives

Angela Griner has worked in the field of education for nearly 20 years with a focus on ways educators can better serve children and families that have been historically underserved by education policy and institutional practices in the U.S.

She earned her MA in Reading Education from the University of South Florida and a Doctorate specializing in Urban and Multicultural Education from the University of Central Florida. She currently works as faculty in the Education Department at Rollins College in Orlando, Florida and serves as an education and research consultant for various schools and organizations.

Contemplative practice has been an important component of her vocation and has set the framework for an integrated life as an educator, friend, musician, wife and mother of two young boys.

Angela’s acumen for research enables Gravity to evaluate its programs and services and pivot in ways that best serve its clients and partners. With extraordinary thoroughness and precision, Angela’s research keeps Gravity accountable to its vision and mission for helping people integrate contemplation with their very active lives.

Hospitality Specialist Intern

Jared Spence was born in Lakenheath, England, and grew up in the States, primarily in Nebraska. He studied journalism and public relations at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. With a wide range of gifts and skills, Jared works as a freelance writer and editor for Omaha Publications, gallery attendant at KANEKO, and receptionist at Curb Appeal Salon and Spa. His personal and professional passions include writing, wardrobe styling, editorial creative direction, and event coordinating. A longtime friend of the Gravity Center, Jared generously extends his skills to be of service in hospitality at retreats, workshops, and other functions.