Monday, Wednesday, Fridays thru April

4:00PM Central Daily Time


During a time of uncertainty with COVID19, Gravity is offering three FREE weekly webinars, until at least the end of April, to cultivate support for your wellbeing. Space is limited so be sure to register if you want to join.

Now more than ever we need to know that we are loved, safe, and have no need to fear. 

Since all of our in-person programming this spring has been cancelled because of the crisis, we have worked very hard the past couple weeks to adapt, pivot, and create ways to bring our global community together.

The tumult we’re experiencing is asking for the best of us to rise. We are more capable to create a better world than we realize. Let’s join together, take care of one another through these challenges, and re-commit to doing good better. Together we will midwife a new world. Hopefully one marked by greater compassion, equity, and hope.

Remember, space is limited so be sure to register if you want to join.

Whole Health Mondays

Whole Health Mondays is dedicated to your body, mind, and spirit. Join our virtual community for a discussion with one of our guest specialists.

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Spiritual Practice Wednesdays

This webinar is dedicated to supporting your contemplative practice with guided meditation followed by Q & R with Chris and/or Phileena.

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Kids Contemplation Fridays

This is an extraordinary time for the youngest and most vulnerable, but perhaps the most resilient, among us. 

Friday’s webinar is for children of all ages along with their caregiver. Together we’ll practice contemplation and give our kids the space to explore their depths.

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