A Grounding Place To Root Social Engagement In Contemplative Spirituality

Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism, is a grounding place for people to root their social engagement in a deep, contemplative spirituality in order to do good better.

Gravity doesn’t exist simply for social justice activists, but for anyone and everyone who wants to make the world a better place. This is tough work and everyone involved needs to be grounded in the effort to bring love, hope and peace to the world.

Through Gravity we will host 3-4 day contemplative retreats and 1-day contemplative sessions to introduce contemplative spirituality—demystifying and dismantling the intimidating barriers that often keep people from cultivating contemplative practices that nourish the soul.

We will develop a brokerage for trained and certified spiritual directors to connect with those who are in search of capable spiritual direction.

We will equip people for personal retreat and sabbatical.

We will facilitate pilgrimage to significant spiritual centers such as Assisi, Italy and Santiago, Spain. Harmonizing the dissonance between our inner and outer lives, these pilgrimages offer opportunities of spiritual awakening.

We will organize immersion trips of solidarity with those enslaved in the commercial sex industry, victimized in sweatshops, dehumanized in slums and red-light areas. Small, thoughtfully selected groups of conversation partners will travel to cities like Calcutta, India; Kathmandu, Nepal; Bangkok, Thailand; Lima, Peru; and La Paz/El Alto, Bolivia.

Through Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism we will support those who want to do good better.