An Introduction to the Enneagram Types

Podcast: Daily Growth Discipleship
Host: Chris Lambert & Josh Haves


In case you haven’t heard, there’s a way of understanding who we are as people that’s really starting to gain traction. The Enneagram consists of nine different types that describe the way we interact with the world around us. And, most importantly for Daily Growth Discipleship, it gives us another tool to use as we pursue daily transformation into the image of Jesus Christ. Chris’ book, The Sacred Enneagram, he describes much more than just a personality profile. Understanding your type can open ways to understand who you are and what God is doing in your life. In today’s chapter, Chris gives us a brief introduction to each of the nine types. But before you get wrapped up in trying to identify your type, take Chris’ advice from the last episode to heart and spend some time exploring this with another person.