Plant with Purpose

For a long time, a complicated relationship has existed between Christianity and efforts to care for the environment- at least in the Western Church. However, those who have worked at the intersection of faith and sustainability have realized that these two things go hand-in-hand. Caring for creation fulfills a biblical mandate God has given humanity. Taking care of the Earth can also draw us closer to God. So why the tension?

Amplify Radio

Father Ron Lengwin is joined by guest Phileena Heuertz and the two discuss her book, “Mindful Silence – The Heart of Christian Contemplation.”

Faith Conversations

Phileena Heuertz joins me this week on Faith Conversations. She is founding partner of Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism. She is a spiritual director, yoga instructor, speaker, and retreat guide. We talk about what a pilgrimage of the soul looks like. As we look at Phileena’s book Pilgrimage of a Soul, we look at what our awakening might look like as well as some of the darkness we can face while on the journey of transformation. We wrap our time by talking about what Union with God really looks like.

Newsworthy with Norsworthy

Phileena Heuertz joins the show to discuss the connection between justice and contemplation, personality, self-awareness,  discernment, and her new book Mindful Silence.

Good True Beautiful

Podcast: Good True Beautiful Host: Ashton Gustafson iTunes Our fast-paced lives are filled with distractions, frequently leaving us disillusioned and dissatisfied―with ourselves, with others, and even with God. Spiritual practices that […]

Are You Real

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CBF Conversations

“Contemplative prayer practice effectively keeps us humble and honest. Humility and honesty are essential to building a just world,” said Phileena Heuertz. “The more of us who commit to such practice, the more peaceful our world will be.”


Phileena has written a book that will surely find its place in the new contemplative canon, Mindful Silence: The Heart of Christian Contemplation. In Mindful Silence she weaves her story, contemplative themes and teachers alongside practices, with the invitation always at hand to take another step into greater healing and wholeness by embodying the contemplative way.


Spiritual director, yoga instructor, public speaker, retreat guide, and author, Phileena is passionate about spirituality and making the world a better place.

Ordinary Mystic

Podcast: Ordinary Mystic Host: Mark Longhurst iTunes  This is, above, a conversation with Phileena Heuertz of Gravity: A Center for Contemplative Activism. Phileena has just released a powerful book entitled Mindful Silence. Through […]

The Contemplative Light

Podcast: The Contemplative Light Host: Clint Sabom iTunes I talked with Phileena Heuertz, whose new book is out this month. Mindful Silence: The Heart Of Christian Contemplation presents a process-oriented […]

The Learner’s Corner Podcast

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CXMH: Christianity & Mental Health

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CXMH: Christianity & Mental Health

Podcast: SCXMH: Christianity & Mental Health Host: Holly Oxhandler iTunes This week, we’re joined by Phileena Heuertz, co-founder of Gravity: A Center for Contemplative Activism, and author of Pilgrimage of a […]

Spirituality for Ordinary People

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