Enneagram Type Eight

Podcast: Sleeping At Last
Host: Ryan O’Neal

New song debut: “Eight” – the 24th song (of 25) in my Atlas: Year Two series, and the 8th song in the Enneagram chapter – a song for each of the nine unique and beautiful Enneagram types.In this episode, I tell the birth story of “Eight” – piece by piece, I explain the heart, intention and inspiration behind each lyric and sound in this song, and discuss who these secretly soft and incredibly powerful Enneagram Type Eights are with resident Enneagram master (and a type Eight!), Chris Heuertz.

I’m Pissed, Someone Get me a Puppy!!!!

Podcast: No Chill Enneagram
Host: Richard Clark & Bethany Perkins


If you know who Chris Heuertz is, you are the right amount of obsessed with the enneagram. You will also be shocked to hear that he voluntarily guested on No Chill Enneagram. We can’t explain it either. The enneagram works in mysterious ways.When you have someone as wise as Heuertz, you ask the important questions like “The enneagram is so hot right now, how annoying is that??” and “How can we become enneagram experts, in like the next 5 minutes, and could you get us a certificate or something?”

PLUS: Chris explains why the number we ranked lowest in our first episode (so sorry) gets a bad rap.

AND: We give Chris the opportunity to take over the show. Does he embrace unchecked power? Let’s find out together…

YOU WON’T BELIEVE: Chris types reviews with us, and masterfully so. Oh, and he says enneagram slang can happen, so that settles that.

Nothing is Wasted Podcast – Chris Heuertz

Podcast: Nothing Is Wasted
Host: Davey Blackburn

It’s the time of year when most of us are trying to change our lives for the better. But if we want to better ourselves, we first have to know ourselves. Chris Heuertz literally wrote the book on that. The enneagram is a tool used by millions to understand the unique ways God created each of us, and The Sacred Enneagram lays out what this concept means for each of us in our relationship with God and the people around us. Chris sits down with Davey to give an overview of what the enneagram is, how it can be used in healing, and much more

You Know Your Enneagram Type, Now What (feat. Chris Heuertz)

Podcast: CXMH Podcast
Host: Holly Oxhandler


Ok, ok, so you’ve given in to your friend who won’t stop talking about it and tried your best to figure out what Enneagram type you are. Where do you go from there? Chris Heuertz (author of The Sacred Enneagram) comes by to explain how that information can help in your life, what contemplative practices might be good for you, and how it intersects with our mental health. He also talks about working with Ryan from Sleeping At Last on the series of songs he’s releasing about the Enneagram types. In the intro, Holly and Robert talk about favorite Christmas movies (including some weird ones!)

Interview with Chris Heuertz on The Sacred Enneagram

Podcast: Contemplative Light
Host: Clint Sabom


I talked to Chris Heuertz about the ideas in his book, The Sacred Enneagram. We go into detail, using my type (4) and his (8) as examples.

“Far more than a personality test, the Enneagram’s 9 profile types offer what author Chris Heuertz calls a sacred map to the soul. Lies about who we think we are keep us trapped in loops of self-defeat. But the Enneagram reveals both the nine ways we got lost, and the nine ways we find our way home to our True Self and to God.”

The Enneagram As A Tool For Self-Discovery, Self-Growth, and Relationships with Expert Chris Heuertz

Podcast: Behind the Scenes
Host: Audrey & Jeremy Roloff


If you have been following us for any length of time, you know how much we are obsessed with the enneagram. So we are super excited to have an enneagram expert as the first guest on the podcast! Chris Heuertz teaches about the enneagram in workshops and at retreats all around the world. We hope you learn a lot from listening into our conversation with Chris as he shares how valuable the enneagram is for self-growth, self-discovery, and relationships.


Stay tuned for a shownotes page with all the links and things mentioned in this episode!

Love Personality Tests and Psychology? This Episode is a Must Listen

Podcast: Margarita Confessionals
Host: Ali Washburn and Lauren

We chat with Chris Heuertz, author, speaker, and Enneagram coach. He’s telling us all about the Enneagram, an ancient and informative test that can give you some serious insight into who you are, what drives you, and what you’re afraid of. It’ll shed some light on your personal and professional relationships, and make you want to have everyone else in your life take it. 

Enneagram Type Seven

Podcast: Sleeping At Last
Host: Ryan O’Neal

New song debut: “Seven” – the 23rd song (of 25) in my Atlas: Year Two song series (and the 7th song in the Enneagram chapter – a song for each of the nine unique and beautiful Enneagram types.)In this episode, I tell the birth story of “Seven” and piece by piece, I explain the heart, intention and inspiration behind each lyric and sound in this song, and discuss who these optimistic and incredibly deep Enneagram Type Sevens are with resident Enneagram master, Chris Heuertz.

Interview: Christopher Heuertz, The Sacred Enneagram

Podcast: MenoNerds Audiocast
Host: Steve Kimes

Christopher Heuertz joins Steve on the podcast to discuss his book The Sacred Enneagram. The book is described as (via the Gravity Center page):

Move beyond type as mere caricature and learn how to work with the Enneagram for spiritual growth.

Christopher L. Heuertz was first introduced to the Enneagram in the slums of Cambodia. Since then he has trained under some of the great living Enneagram masters including Father Richard Rohr, Russ Hudson, Marion Gilbert, and Helen Palmer, and now teaches the Enneagram in workshops and retreats around the world. Chris is an International Enneagram Association Accredited Professional. He and his wife Phileena live in Omaha with their puppy Basil, and you can join him on Facebook and Twitter in his intentions to love on the margins.

Conflict resolution, Enneagram number and how knowing both can change your relationship

Podcast: RISE Together
Host: Rachel & Dave Hollis


Have you ever heard of the Enneagram test? It’s like Myers Briggs or a DISC test, only this personality test dates back hundreds of years that divides people up into one of 9 numbers. In today’s episode, we’re speaking with Enneagram expert Chris Heuertz. Chris took us through our personality types, our conflict resolution style and how we can love each other better and work together better by understanding why our partner processes things the way they do. Book: The Sacred Enneagram by Chris Heuertz https://amzn.to/2P5zIKT Follow Chris on Instagram at @ChrisHeuertz or here: www.sacredenneagram.org Google “free enneagram test” to find out your number. We like this one https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/


Enneagram Type Six

Podcast: Sleeping At Last Podcast
Host: Ryan O’Neal


New song debut: “Six” – the 22nd song (of 25) in my Atlas: Year Two song series, and the 6th song in the Enneagram chapter – a song for each of the nine unique and beautiful Enneagram types. In this episode, I tell the birth story of “Six” – piece by piece, I explain the heart, intention and inspiration behind each lyric and sound in this song, and discuss who these complex, vital and misunderstood Enneagram Type Sixes are with resident Enneagram master, Chris Heuertz.

The Sacred Enneagram with Christopher Heuertz

Podcast: Are You Real
Host: Kasey Fuller

On Episode 109 of Are You Real Purpose Host Jon Fuller talks to the Author of The Sacred Enneagram Christopher Heuertz. Christopher has spent the last 25 years of his life in the Non- profit sector. He has volunteered with Mother Teresa as well as started one of the first pediatric aids care homes in South Asia for kids with HIV. Christopher went to a Christian Liberal Arts school, and originally thought he would end up in the church world, but a trip to Jerusalem open his eyes to suffering that allowed him to change his focus. Having this experience as a young person caused him to have to go back to scripture to see what the bible says about helping others in need. Christopher talks in depth about how he was impacted by Mother Teresa during those early years of his life, and reflects on the type of person she was. He says he has never again since then been in the presence of someone who has the depth and love she had. He says she threw herself into the mystery of the divine love, and realized it was beyond her. It was something remarkable and beautiful. She was a person that continued to say yes even when everything in her wanted to say no.

Christopher also talks about his intriguing book The Sacred Enneagram, and gives much insight into the different personality types, and why it is important to embark on the journey of self love. He says “We need to build the best of ourselves. Love our neighbor as ourself. Most of us don’t love ourselves well.” Chris also says that recognizing the sewers in our own souls that have been neglected or ignored are an important part of growth as a person. You don’t want to miss this in depth, exciting episode of Are You Real Purpose!!


Connect with Jon

Christopher Heuertz

Chris Heuertz

Podcast: The Wilder Way
Host: Jasinda & Jack Wilder

Jack and Jasinda interview Chris Heuertz, an incredible author, Enneagram expert, spiritual trailblazer, and philosopher. This is by far the most in-depth and thought-provoking episode yet. Far from a broad-range discussion of Enneagram types, this conversation dives deep, tackling spirituality, failure, compassion, parenting, and so much more…

So good you may want to listen to this one twice. 

Enneagram Type Five

Podcast: Sleeping At Last
Host: Ryan O’Neal

New song debut: “Five” – the fifth of nine songs inspired by the nine Enneagram types! “Five” belongs to the ongoing series of songs, Atlas by Sleeping At Last. In this episode, you’ll hear how the song came about, the Enneagram, who an Enneagram type “Five” is and so much more! Guest: Chris Heuertz.