I’m Pissed, Someone Get me a Puppy!!!!

Podcast: No Chill Enneagram
Host: Richard Clark & Bethany Perkins


If you know who Chris Heuertz is, you are the right amount of obsessed with the enneagram. You will also be shocked to hear that he voluntarily guested on No Chill Enneagram. We can’t explain it either. The enneagram works in mysterious ways.When you have someone as wise as Heuertz, you ask the important questions like “The enneagram is so hot right now, how annoying is that??” and “How can we become enneagram experts, in like the next 5 minutes, and could you get us a certificate or something?”

PLUS: Chris explains why the number we ranked lowest in our first episode (so sorry) gets a bad rap.

AND: We give Chris the opportunity to take over the show. Does he embrace unchecked power? Let’s find out together…

YOU WON’T BELIEVE: Chris types reviews with us, and masterfully so. Oh, and he says enneagram slang can happen, so that settles that.