Introducing the Enneagram with Chris Heuertz

Podcast: Contemplate This
Host: Tom Bushlack

This bonus track is an edited snippet from my interview with Chris Heuertz for the Contemplate This! podcast, conversations on contemplation and compassion. My interview with Chris was so rich and in-depth that I wanted to break out this 7 minute section where he gives a very concise overview of what the Enneagram is – or better, how it functions as a tool for spiritual growth and integration – and he gives an incredible overview of the nine personality typologies, or as he calls them the nine paths to God. If you’re totally new to the Enneagram, or even if you’re not, this is one of the best quick introductions I’ve ever heard, and it seemed worthy of its own mini-episode. I hope you enjoy it, and after you listen here, head over to the full episode and dive all the way in with Chris’s wisdom on the Enneagram in the full podcast of episode 5 at You will not be disappointed.