For people who long to nurture their spirituality by cultivating mindfulness and rest in a world that is
grossly out of balance with mindless, frantic action.

Gravity Offers 3 Forms of Contemplative Retreats




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 Hear What People Are Saying About Gravity Contemplative Retreats

“I feel like a peeled orange, a beating heart chipped out of stone, like someone took a hammer and broke out the glass that separates me from the freshness and ever newness of the world.”

Aaron Strumpel—Singer, Songwriter, Boulder, CO

“This retreat has challenged me to rest – to rest in the presence of God, in security and in receiving His love that I so often ignore.  I needed this to fuel me for the work ahead.”

Nikole Lim – Executive Director, Freely In Hope, San Francisco, CA

“A much needed break to be silent, still and loved, to connect with God, others and myself.”

Johnathan Dodd – Westside Church, Omaha, NE

“Gravity Center events bring the best of scholarship and practice together.  This union is a blessing.”

Patrick Moore – United Methodist Pastor & Army Chaplain, Kansas City KS

“This is the second time I’ve done this retreat.  I don’t know if I would still be working in the capacity I am without these times which allow for stillness and recharging.”

Chad Moses – To Write Love On Her Arms, Melbourne, FL

“Getcha life right. Get Gravity.”  I’m not a Christian, but if I had learned about this angle of Christianity back when I did practice, I’d probably still be one today.”

Brent Crampton – DJ & Co-Owner House of Loom and Berry & Rye , Omaha, NE

“Phileena and Chris are amazing teachers of contemplative spirituality, inviting us into old prayer practices and explaining them in such a way that they seem easy to try.”

Katye Crawford – National Coordinator Urban Projects, IVCF, Oakland, CA

“Phileena and Chris are top shelf people. I’m all for learning from anyone and everywhere, but when you can find people who not only can teach but who clearly embody what they are teaching, that’s a home run. Our leadership team had such a deeply profound experience at the retreat and felt like our fresh understanding came with actual tools to help us cultivate what was new territory for us. Anyone who has read their books knows that they both communicate with a winsome and compassionate tone which came through consistently as they led us over the three days. We felt like we were not only the recipients of some necessary soul care, but we left enriched by the lives and stories that Phileena and Chris so generously shared with us along the way.”

Ryan Meeks – Founding Pastor, EastLake Community Church, Seattle, WA