Enneagram One-on-Ones


The Enneagram is a sacred map that helps identify your unconscious and subconscious motivations. Circling around nine fundamental types of human nature, your Enneagram type reveals your path of transformation as well as your path of disintegration.

While the Enneagram reveals your personality, it is different from other personality profiles in that it links to your childhood wound, illuminating your path of healing and wholeness.

The Enneagram is a powerful resource for the contemplative path, for as it dismantles your illusions about the self, it simultaneously reveals your True Self or Essence, supporting you to offer the best of yourself to a world in a need.

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Fear as an Invitation to Growth: Each person uniquely experiences their own Enneagram Type, typically fluctuating between average-to-healthy levels based on their own psychological state of being. In this 50-minute session we explore the core fear of your Enneagram Type, examining the expressions of one’s core fear, the malformations of that fear, and the triggers to what sets off the fear. People either react to their core fear negatively causing a downward spiral, or respond with awareness leading to growth—by developing tools we can face our Enneagram core fear as an invitation to growth.

Forming & Maintaining Healthy Personal Relationships with the Enneagram: Knowing our dominant type and the type of our loved one can help us to embrace our unique roles and perspectives in the relationship, have increasing compassion toward the other individual, and help us to grow together in the areas of lifestyle habits, rules of engagement, communication styles, and conflict resolution.  Helpful with family members, friends, partners, and spouses.

The Enneagram as a Tool for Vocational Discernment: Gaining a comprehensive understanding of our Enneagram type and how it informs and impacts our vocation passions, propensities, strengths, and challenges can help us discern vocational directions and make career decisions.  

Understanding Your Type: In this 50-minute session we examine the results of your Enneagram test. This overview will give a brief background on the origins of the Enneagram, an understanding of what the Enneagram system entails, and a carefully curated summary of your specific Type. Together we will focus on your Type’s common themes, familiar tendencies, typical temptations, and positive traits.

Using the Enneagram to Help Your Team Become More Productive, Effective, & Cohesive: Each member of a working team brings their own particular approach, style, strengths and challenges to the mix, depending on their Enneagram type.  Understanding the dominant type of each individual can help us to use their distinctives to work together, make decisions, communicate, and deal with differences in ways that make the team stronger.  

Working with the Enneagram for Awakening & Spiritual Development: To a large part, our childhood wounds create patterns that lead to adaptive strategies which our Enneagram Type is fortified around. Being aware and loosening the grasp of these coping addictions create an environment for spiritual development. In this 50-minute session we explore your Enneagram Type’s basic temptation, tragic flaw, and sin tendency, with the focus of our conversation towards personal awakening and spiritual development.

You are Not Your Type: Our bodies are continuously in communication with the outside world as well as the inside.  Spiritually, we are eternally connected with the Divine.  In this 50- minute session, we will re-discover the Essence of being human working deeply with the Enneagram as a spiritual map and using embodied intelligence.