Gabe-Lyons“Phileena’s story is compelling. Her soul-drenched passion to lead people closer to God’s heart through contemplative spirituality is a welcome message for today’s spiritual-minded seeker. As an expert on contemplative prayer, she gives rise to an often neglected practice more important today than ever. Phileena brings rooted conviction along with practical application to how to live a countercultural message we all need to hear.”

–Gabe Lyons, Founder of Q, Author, The Next Christians, Co-Author, UnChristian


Cynthia-Bourgeault “Phileena has been making a courageous and groundbreaking effort to build a bridge between those two communities of Christians, still largely unknown to each other, where the heart of Christ burns so brightly: the evangelical and the contemplative.”

–Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault, Ph.D. Episcopal priest, author and retreat leader


Richard-Rohr“For some reason we imagined that just the “thinking life” would elicit and feed the Christian spirit.  The soul is fed much more by the “symbolic” life too, where action and contemplation meet, where the inner and the outer learn to operate as one, where words become flesh, where God is no longer just an idea, but the heartbeat of life itself. Phileena gives you many avenues by which to live such a full and enfleshed life.  She tells you to stop “thinking about it” and to try it!  That is when it works.”

-Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M. Center for Action and Contemplation


Sarah-Baldwin“Phileena challenges listeners to reflect deeply on the inner self and the integration of the active and contemplative life. With a strong spirit forged from experiences rooted in lament and celebration, Phileena ignites a passion in us to be God-bearers in the world.  I highly recommend Phileena Heuertz as a prophetic voice that releases adrenaline into our apathetic souls!”

–Sarah Thomas Baldwin, Dean of Spiritual Life & University Pastor, George Fox University


Corey-MacPherson“Phileena is not only an exceptional writer but also a gifted speaker. She has the unique ability of connecting with small groups as well as large audiences. The wisdom and insight Phileena has gained through her faith journey needs to be heard by more people. I highly recommend Phileena Heuertz as a speaker to your community.”

–Corey MacPherson, VP of Spiritual Formation and Church Relations Eastern Nazarene College


JW Hartgrove“Phileena is a wise soul who has faced the world’s deep need head on and draws deep from the Christian tradition for living water. She speaks with the passion of someone whose heart has been broken, but communicates the hope of one who knows that “all will be well.” Listen to her.

–Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Associate Minister St. Johns Baptist Church, Director School of Conversion, Editor New Monastic Library Series 


Leigh-Krahl“Phileena Heuertz’s journey within the Christian contemplative tradition paired with her engaging and authentic demeanor, captivates and challenges audiences. Her ability to attract a wide array of people through honest, insightful and poignant reflections on Christianity, poverty, social justice and so on is a rarity within today’s society and culture.”

–Leigh Krahl, Master of Divinity Student, Asbury Theological Seminary


Ross-Quick“I can tell you that as a speaker Phileena is eloquent and well prepared, poised and confident, or even relatable and understandable. These are all certainly true, to be sure, but a lot of people can stand up on that stage and be all of those things. I was more impressed with the sincerity and passion with which she spoke. She uses personal experience not as a vehicle for self promotion or self righteousness but as a means to tell her story and testimony.”

–Ross Quick,
 Senior Chemistry/Pre-med student Eastern Nazarene College


Stephan-Monteserin“With a tender and moving authenticity, and contagious compassion, Phileena invites all those around her to participate in becoming more fully human by examining our common ties and challenging us to Love in our uncommon ones. 
She speaks with meekness while never compromising the authority gained through legitimately difficult formative experiences. Her wisdom is delightful.

 Phileena Heuertz facilitates and trains us to walk the way of Love practically through profound spiritual exercises. She is the real deal. Having spent years living a life of rest in the fray, she carries a solid understanding and a teacher’s gift to extend the knowledge that without deep release and regeneration, a sustainable life in service is impossible to live. Her generous grace and experience around the world are an asset to any community of learners and seekers.”

–Stephan R. Monteserin
Board member for Downtown CREDO


Ben-Hoyer“Phileena spoke to our diverse audience about steering a life of action away from burn out and toward sustainability. Rooting her talk in the essential marriage of spiritual practice and daily life she spoke both from experience and study. It was clear that she knew whereof she spoke. That was both comforting and challenging. Comforting because it was easy to believe what she said, challenging because Phileena practices what she espouses. I highly recommend Phileena to any group looking to engage questions of spirituality and soul care.”

–Ben Hoyer, Director of Credo


Ashley“The contemplative prayer retreat I recently attended led by Phileena was nothing short of transformational. I learned about centering prayer practices and why they are important in developing a deeper relationship with God. Our discussions on surrender to the Holy Spirit during centering prayer and simply being with God rather than doing anything for him has challenged my walk. In the month since my retreat, I have daily considered my surrender to the Holy Spirit and how important it is for me to BE with God above all else. I can’t imagine a more gifted leader and teacher than Phileena for such a retreat!” –Ashley, retreatant

Anna Carl


“The two days I spent practicing contemplative prayer and yoga with Phileena Heuertz were incredibly healing and rejuvenating for my soul.” –Anna, retreatant


Monica-Lokkesmoe“The contemplative prayer retreat was refreshment for my soul. Phileena’s instruction and facilitation of prayer time and yoga was comprehensive and thoughtful. I feel very fortunate to have experienced such a Grace filled weekend. It was life giving for me.” –Monica, retreatant


“I recently had the unexpected gift of participating in a yoga class led by Phileena at the Credo Summit. Words cannot adequately express my experience, except to say I left knowing for that moment in time, it was well with my soul AND body.” –Credo participant


“After reading “Pilgrimage of a Soul,” I couldn’t wait to hear Phileena speak on ‘Contemplative Spirituality for the Active Life” at the Credo Summit–and she did not disappoint. Her gentle spirit invited me to move into the sacred places in my own life that have been crowded and suffocated by the busyness of life. Thank you for being a fellow pilgrim on the journey.”

 –Amy E. Roza, MA
Licensed Mental Health Counselor


“The Contemplative Retreat is about loving ourselves and our world. It is about healing our brokeness and changing the world one person at time and that person is yourself.” –Terry L Azeltine, Ignatian Associates, retreatant


“The Contemplative Retreat was refreshing, rejuvenating, and life-changing. Prior to the retreat, I knew I desired that paradox of being active and restful in Christ, but I found myself either lazy/lacking motivation or too ambitious. Couldn’t find this line, nor did I know how this paradox could exist in my life. Gravity provided exactly what I needed to start practicing contemplative activism and equip me for this very active stage of life God has brought me to.” –Retreatant


“The opportunity of this retreat came at the right time for me. It provided me with a space to reflect, be in silence and pick up some valuable tools along the way–life giving tools and teachings that will help me to have a more sustainable and balanced life in ministry.” –Retreatant


“I recommend this retreat for anyone who feels they have had a full and difficult year. It offers a safe space to explore your spirituality utilizing contemplation and yoga. A truly special experience that will indeed change the way I live and relate to God and people.” –Retreatant


“Phileena and Chris provide the opportunity to break through the lies, programs, and temptations imbedded in our lives by introducing methods of contemplative prayer practice and whole body integration. With these tools we can begin to cultivate the ability to truly hear our own story, allowing us to become more pure vehicles of God’s work.” –Retreatant


“The Contemplative Retreat provided a much needed cup of cold water for my thirsty soul. Both my heart and my mind were stretched and filled to new depths and I returned home feeling challenged, encouraged, and grateful. I am eager to build contemplative practices into my spiritual journey and look forward to attending the next retreat!” –Retreatant


“To know about and participate in the contemplative practices broadens how you can engage God and, more importantly–more mysteriously–how the God of love engages you.” –Retreatant


“I’ve sensed for some time a movement in my spirit for a set of faith practices that quiet and transform me more wholly and deeply so I can discover and be fulfilled in Christ alone, in sincerity. This retreat opened my eyes and encouraged me to not only discover but to also incorporate centuries old prayer practices that invite me to connect with God in ways that may seem foreign or difficult at first but as a welcome space in my day soon after. Phileena rocks! Chris rocks!” –Retreatant


“Gravity’s Contemplative Retreat helped this internal processor externally process. I became aware of ways of connecting with God that are freeing me to be who I truly am; to appreciate how I have been made. For the first time I can see the gifts that God has given to me, and the ways that I have been uniquely made. There are no words to express my gratefulness for this awakening.” –Retreatant

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